Office 365 – A complete backup solution

Backup your Sharepoint, OneDrive and eMail

Preparing for the unexpected


Even cloud based data needs to be backed up to protect against accidental loss, malicious loss, infrastructure disruption and so the list goes on.

There are some backup solutions already and a few software products out there, the solutions are pretty much all service based and the products so far tend to be either incomplete (not backing up all your O365, only email) or incredibly cumbersome.

In simplified terms, the cloud solutions move your data from one datacenter to another, and most of these solutions are not UK based. With cloud based solutions you still have to rely on a 3rd party keeping your data for upwards of 5 years, data that in some circumstances you are legally obliged to keep. And of course, there is an cost to storing data in the cloud, what if a company ceases to trade, the directors still have legal obligations….

So, let me explain what we are trying to achieve;

A few things to mitigate against are –

  • Data loss through hardware failure
  • Data loss through deletion (a deleted email for example may not even be noticed for months and in some cases years until it is required.
  • Data loss/inaccessibilty through virus, DDOS, ISP failure, ransomware (it is a long list) etc
  • Legal ramifications of lost data, HMRC etc

We aim to give clients the following –

  • Total client ownership and control of ALL their O365 data.
  • Client ability to maintain and verify their own, offline (secured in a safe) backups
  • Client data retention control
  • Clients ability to access, browse and restore their own data without the requirement of a 3rd party to intervene. (actual, hands on tangible data, not some backup somewhere else in the cloud)
  • A complete DR plan that the client can manage, maintain and verify client site (or a location of their choice)
  • Granular restore (single files to complete inboxes)

UK business’s are legally obliged to keep company data (certainly from an accounts perspective) for a minimum of 5 years, some industries longer, other industries, indefinitely. There is currently ZERO granular backup/restoration ability within O365. If you delete an email today and find out you need it in 6+ months, you cannot retrieve it.

We have partnered up with a software house and we are currently developing a full soution ;to take all your data from O365 and move into our private cloud hosting solution, once the data is collated and centralised we will be in a position to migrate that data out to a location of a clients choosing, a head office for example or some other secure location.

Do not wait until it is too late....

How important is your data to you, from business continuity to legal requirements, ownership and control over your data is not just a right but it should also be a minimum requirement. Microsoft Office 365 is excellent at migrating your data in, but what about you takng a copy back out. Try calling them and asking them to restore an email or a file from 12 months ago….

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