Private Cloud Hosting

We offer private cloud hosting, your data is kept on our servers in our data centers, you can arrange to visit our installations and see  exactly where your data is, we offer you all the benefits of the cloud without getting lost in the cloud.

Uncertain Times

Recent high profile attacks on corporate networks have demonstrated all too well the need to have good secure data and reliable backups. Larger hosting companies have much greater exposure to these threats and are often even targeted.


Small Business Feel

Why would you want to be a small cog in a huge machine, each and every customer is important to us, when you call us you speak directly to the people you need to. Our motto is we want to work with you, not for you.

Bespoke Service

We will create a customized solution built on dedicated servers, storage, networking and managed services for your most demanding workloads.




We offer enterprise level hosting and support with that local, small company personal touch. Why would you want your company to be a small cog in a large machine when here at Hosted Companies each and every one of you are important to us. You are the ones that count, you deserve to have the phone answered by us when you call, no automated systems, just real people working with you.

All our core servers are Dell Blade Servers interconnected with super fast 10GB ethernet. We have a 2nd datacenter with our own dedicated fibre link between them and we have also replaced our FireWalls with Dell Next Gen kit.

We use Dell’s Backup Appliance as our back up solution. This hardware solution utilises a blend of Dell Hardware with AppAssure backup software forming a fully automated, Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint aware solution. It  offers a number of benefits, from individual mail item restore to full SQL or Exchange DB virtual mounting and access. In addition, this backup solution also enables us to restore to bare metal or VMWare.

We can even backup to a bootable virtual server, ensuring certain backups are ready to go, instantly, no restore required. And yes, our backups are backed up too, both into the opposite datacenter where is stored on our 72TerraByte raid array and another copy is taken off to yet one more site for total DR assurance.

We use the latest generation, state of the art firewalls and infrastructure for our network security, management and monitoring which is all based on a 10GB core network.

All the benefits of being in the cloud without getting lost in it – private cloud hosting

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