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February 2020

Private Cloud Hosting

Everyone is familiar with Office 365, Azure or Amazon AWS. They are referred to as Cloud Computing, the 'new' big buzz word. But it is fake, the 'cloud' is effectively any Internet attached computer that offers you services. It certainly predates the above and it certainly includes far more…..

I have two 'points of presence' (POP) in two local tier 1 datacenter's, why be a small cog in a vast machine, be important, be unique and cared about, be my client.

You can have all the benefits of being in the cloud without getting lost in the cloud….

Keep your data on servers you can actually visit if you want to, it is your data and you should have access to it via various means whenever you want or need to.

I own the servers and storage arrays I use, they are physical devices and they are incredible. Instantaneous snap shots of your servers/data, these snapshots are copied to my second POP for DR, I can also copy these snapshots down to your local storage giving you ultimate control and ownership of your data.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall….

Amazon USA lost connectivity a while back, for 24 hours the whole of the US was unable to access their AWS data and applications…… Can you imagine being 1 of the 150 or so million trying to call in….

Microsoft has recently found out they have been compromised and leaking data since 2005 up and until 2019…..

O2, albeit a phone company, 36 hours connectivity issues within the last 3 months.

BT, have had two nationwide voice issues within the last 4 weeks.

And so it will go on, Microsoft, Amazon, BT, Virgin are under daily attack by people wishing to compromise their systems. It was a single line of code that took out Amazons AWS and that was just a simple mistake by an employee…

Network Security...

Everyday millions of tractions are completed across the internet, from homes, offices and public internet / hotspots. So many people are keen to plug things in but very little regard is given to the security of their own network. Ensure your network is secure, ensure your data is protected. Consider the devices you connect to your WiFi and plug in at home, think about how to isolate those devices. It that WiFi lightbulb allowing someone access to your network, how about that Smart TV?

IoT (Internet of Things) is increasing in popularity, but the reality is, the cheaper things are made the less emphasis is put on security, this does not mean you cannot use these devices, but it does mean you should consider how you use them and how you connect them to your network.

WiFi Solutions

We can complete Wireless surveys for a seamless end to end WiFi experience, for high user density, single room all they way through to multi-room, multi-foor premises. Offices, hotels, hospitals etc.

Make money from your WiFI Solution, have a revenue generating Guest WiFi… Time limited connectivity, redirect clients to your Website or Instagram account. Collect select marketing information for WiFi users. The list is really endless, but the benefits are clear, self promotion of your business and services.

Converged Networking....

Is your data-cabinet a mess, do you have separate switches for voice, data and management still? Save money and space by integrating all your services into one platform, securely segregated….

Converged networking will allow your Staff WiFi, Guest WiFi, CCTV, Ethernet, VOIP, VLAN's to securely utilise the same physical hardware. With the correct solution you have even have a 'single pane management' in other words one web portal that controls everything as opposed to 5 or more various consoles.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Do you have good, tried and tested backups? Do you take those backups offsite and store them in a secure environment that you have easy access to?

All too often I come across clients who's previous backup consisted of a locally or network attached drive that files were simply copied to…. This is really not adequate, backups should not be on attached media, backups should also be moved offsite in an automated, robust and tried and tested way.

VOIP, Voice and Telephony...

British Telecom are now phasing out their ISDN lines, you do not have to replace your phone system to use SIP trunks…. Act now and get an alternative solution within a budget to suit your needs.